Most projects go through several stages – from initial research, writing copy and sourcing/commissioning images to creation of first visuals, followed by several revisions until the final design is approved and passed for production.  At every stage, we will provide the expertise to guarantee you receive a quality product that matches your requirements, and we will work closely with you throughout the whole process to keep you connected with the progress of your project.

Research and copywriting

We will work with text that you have supplied or generate new copy to suit your audience.   Wherever possible we will source new information, photographs, illustrations, maps and other material to complement the text.

Graphic design

Good design is crucial to getting the right message across. Our trusted designers can produce eye-catching designs in accordance to your requirements. Visuals will be provided for your consideration and amendments followed through.

Photography and illustration

Sometimes only a photograph can capture the essence of a subject and only an illustration can accentuate the detail. We work with several photographers who specialise in different genres including close-up work, food and drink, wildlife and landscapes. Likewise, our illustrators can turn their hand from simple line drawings to detailed reconstruction scenes and maps.

Publicity and advertising

Once your project is completed, you need to tell people about it. With our experience and contacts in the field of PR and promotion, we will ensure you get maximum publicity.

Overall project management

From initial research and provision of original text, through design and artwork to full production, just leave it all to us!